Growing up we all got disconnected from ourselves somehow through traumatic experiences, disconnected from what we truly want and need. We find ourselves mainly doing what we are supposed to. Confronted with disturbing thoughts and emotions, we tend to run away.

Although we are doing the best we can, we are repeatedly confront ourselves with pain connected to our young wounds of failure and rejection and pain related to traumatic experiences like death and loss.

In order let go of old patterns of survival and live more in according through our inner needs and guidance some support can be very welcome from time to time.

In general I work with themes like:

- Physical health and wellbeing

- Expressing emotions and thoughts in stead of identify with them

- Setting strong boundaries

- Making clear choices from a heart centered perspective

- Stand up straight and speak your truth

So being honest and faithful to yourself, in order to face day-to-day life for real and be the creator of all of this too.

''Myrte is a gifted therapist, coach and healer. I was immediately struck by how grounded and balanced she is, and how she really operated from a heart space.

She kept a practical focus while working with me to offer different therapeutic methods and modalities, so that we could find the ones that suited me best.''

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