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Therapy sessions


The focus in my sessions is always body centered. Besides coaching and counseling, which mainly encounters the rational part of our brain, I work with experiences and emotions related to older layers of our brain, according to the limbic and the reptile brain.

This focus on your physical body in combination with your sublte bodies connected to your brain, enables you to strengthen the power within your whole body.

Healing session

Healing is a way to experience the flow of energy through your physical body, releasing energy blockages step by step. One or several healings of your subtle body can support your energy system to find its natural rhtym and balance. Healings will be connected to a specific theme or question of help which will be shortly discussed up front.

Private Yoga class

A private class will differ according to your specific goal and intention of the class. In general we will work with a passive or slightly more active form of stretching and Yoga postures. All of this to guide you into a deep relaxation and connect to the energy and power within your body, resolving that what blocks this connection step by step too.

Group Yoga class

At different locations in Amsterdam I teach Yoga Nidra & Stress relief classes in the evenings. Yoga Nidra helps you to relax deeply within your physical body, while being present on different layers of consciousness. The deep relaxation relaxes your brain and nerve system and has the same healing effect of some good hours of sleep.

For more information about the location and times of the classes, please contact me.

Workshops and Courses

At different locations I give workshops and trainings around the central theme 'mastering stress and trauma'. In these workshops I combine the power of yoga, mindfulness/meditation and body centered psychotherapy all together. Beside some psycho education, there always will be time for rest and relaxation. All of this in order to find your way to positively influence the energy in your body, despite and due to the influences of stress and trauma.

For more information and the up-to-date agenda, please visit my business Facebook page (link top right on this page).

''Myrte is excellent at finding ways to make therapeutic areas and practices accessible to most anyone. It's evident to me that she approaches everything without judgement and this is why one feels so comfortable with her. I would really recommend her to anyone.''

‘Learning is the movement from moment to moment.'

  J. Krishnamurti

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