Myrte Huppes


' What we play is life '      

Louis Armstrong

Being a teenager I lost both of my parents within a short period of time. Dealing with life without my parents made it clear for me I had to find out what life was worth living for, just for me.

My inner quest was a process of falling and rising. Starting my college days I found it hard to fully enjoy the pleasure and freedom of a scholar, while deeling with anorexia and depression. Working as a personal injury lawyer a few years later turned out to be an important lesson for me too. Fully determined to fight for the rights of my clients, I ran into my own boundaries and found myself at home with a burnout within a few years.

Opening myself for the support of my family, friends, and therapists in these challeging times helped me to stay truthful to myself, to my natural flow of life. In accordance with this flow I decided to let go of my beloved partner, started an intensive therapy study 'School of Life', and travelled to India on my own. All of this made me stronger and softer towards myself at the same time. It clearified and deepened the contact I truly want to have with myself.

Up to today I find an essential expression in Yoga. It reminds me every day of the power and love I can feel with my whole body.  

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